[Pluralsight]Using ES6 in Your Node.js Web Application

What you will learn

Hi everyone. My name is Jon Mills, and welcome to my course ES6 with Node 6. I'm a consultant focusing mostly on JavaScript technologies, and it's been fun to watch JavaScript over the last 12 months or so evolve and add all these cool new features that are now baked into Node 6. And so in this course, we're going to take a look at some of the cool new JavaScript syntax and JavaScript features that are included in Node. Things like syntactic sugar and some cool new shortcut notations, some built-ins like promises and generators and things like that, and we'll take a look at some function changes that include class and what that means and how that's going to work in ES6. Now, we're going to focus mostly on the Node side. Some of our examples are going to be very Node-specific, and I'll show you some examples even from my Web Apps course and how using ES6 is going to change some things that we are doing there. But you don't have to be a Node developer to get something out of this course. If you just want to watch through the course and see some of the ES6 stuff, that's cool too, just know that having some JavaScript experience and having some Node experience will help you follow along maybe a little bit better.

About this specialization

ES6 brings many cool new features to JavaScript. In this course, you'll get to see the features you should be using in your Node.js development. The world of JavaScript is changing rapidly and Node.js is doing its best to try and keep up. In this course, Using ES6 in Your Node.js Web Application, you'll get a look at how to integrate the new ES6 features that are available in Node.js into your web applications. You'll start with seeing some of the features that provide simplified syntax in ES6 and how to implement these into your code. Next, you'll see two new types of variable declarations, as well as some additions to the function options. Finally, you'll see some of the cool, new built-ins from ES6 including Promises, which are a great way to eliminate callbacks. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to implement many of these new features in your web applications.

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