[SkillShare]The Unity 3D Probuilder Essentials Course

About this specialization


In this class you will learn to use the new Unity Probuilder and Progrids asset. 
Using Unity has always been a great experience but now with Probuilder it has become even better!

Probuilder give you the ability to block out your world and test your gameplay with having to leave the software at all. Blocking out your world is important. Before adding details houses and chairs etc... use Probuilder to get your idea out first.

In this class you will learn the basic of Unity's Probuilder and Progrids to help get you started! 

  • What is Procore
  • How to install Probuilder
  • Navigating in 3D
  • Progrids
  • Creating a new shape
  • Using the New Poly Tool
  • Smoothing a Mesh Facenormals
  • Playing with Vertex Colors
  • Material Editor
  • UV Editor
  • Lets Probuilderize a Object
  • Mirror Tool
  • Merge and Weld Vertices
  • Subdivide a Object
  • Using the Vertex Edge and Faces Tool

I am adding Polybrush to this class in a moment!

This course will grow overtime! So let me know if you have any suggestions!

I have also included three videos with me quickly creating a house and Ground using many of the tools discussed!