[CodeWithMosh]The Ultimate Design Patterns: Part 1

What you will learn

This course is the first part of a series. In this part, you'll learn the essence of object-oriented design principles as well as the behavioral design patterns first introduced by GoF.

Memento Pattern

State Pattern

Iterator Pattern

Strategy Pattern

Template Method Pattern

Command Pattern

Observer Pattern

Mediator Pattern

Chain of Responsibility Pattern

Visitor Pattern

About this specialization

If you want to reach the higher levels of software engineering, you simply MUST master design patterns.

It’s a no-brainer!

Most employers are looking for senior software engineers with design pattern skills, and they’re willing to pay extra $$$’s to hire them.

Basically, design patterns are all about designing maintainable and extensible object-oriented software.

But, the problem is most of the books and courses out there don’t explain the subject well. Most of them teach the subject using really bad examples involving pizzas, ducks, cars, coffees, etc - basically, the topics you never see when building software. You finish a course and you still cannot apply a single pattern when building real-world software.

I don’t agree with that approach, so I’ve created a 3-part series that does the exact opposite.

All the topics are broken down into bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest. I’ve also used real life examples that can be applied to real world situations.

Much more useful if you want to put your new skills to work right away.

By the end of this course…

You’ll be able to:

Pinpoint maintainability and extensibility problems in your code

Write maintainable and extensible object-oriented code

Ace your next coding interview

Become a better developer

Module 6:
Strategy Pattern (13m)
Module 11:
Chain of Responsibility (20m)
Module 13:
Course Wrap Up
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