[CleverProgrammer.com]The Profitable Programmer 2.0

What you will learn

What if you could look at a blank page in sublime text without feeling crippled and frustrated thinking “Ugh. I don’t even know where to start”?

What if you could look at a blank screen and knew EXACTLY what to do to START and FINISH your next project from scratch?

What if you had clients who you charge what you’re worth by building full-stack web applications because they see you as a trusted advisor who knows what they need & why they need it and not just some hired-gun freelancer who they hired because you had the lowest prices.

I've worked with hundreds of students on a 1 on 1 basis and thousands more online...and I've seen EVERY kind of message and question there is.

Here are some of the concerns they would express... 

About this specialization

The completely new and rehauled version of the Profitable Programmer is now a 16-week program that helps you break out of your 9-5, gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want, and ultimately puts you on the path to go from zero to 6-figures as a Python freelancer.

Module 1:
Main Course
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