[Pluralsight]Building Real-time Applications with Socket.io - Pluralsight

What you will learn

Hi everyone, my name is Patrick Schroeder, and welcome to my course, Building Real-time Applications with Socket. io. I am a software developer, and publish online courses on web application development, and I am super excited to be presenting this course to you. Socket. io is a JavaScript-based technology that allows us to send and receive data over the browser in real time. It has a simple API that is the same for both the client and the server. In this course, you are going to learn all of the major features of using Socket. io. We'll be using Node. js as our server, and build sample applications using jQuery and Angular version 1. 5 as our web front end. Before beginning this course, you should already be familiar with the JavaScript basics, along with the basics of Node. js, which includes an understanding of the CommonJS pattern of requiring in modules from npm. I hope you'll join me on this journey to build real time applications with Socket. io, here on Pluralsight.

About this specialization

This course introduces developers to the Socket.io library, a free Node.js module for simplifying real-time functionality. Using Socket.io, developers are able to configure sockets for sending and receiving messages using the browser. In this course, Building Real-time Applications with Socket.io, you'll learn to build modern, real-time applications using the power of Socket.io. You'll start with an introduction to Socket.io and some of the demo apps that will be used in the course. Next, you'll discover some of the basics of what Socket.io is and how it's used within the Node.js framework. Finally, you'll build a chat application which will be able to send messages to all users, emit private messages, and you'll see how to set up private rooms. By the end of this course, you'll be prepared to tackle projects that can then deliver streaming data using simple event-driven methods.