[Lynda]Scaling Your SQL Server Application

What you will learn

  • Designing for high-write and high-read workloads

  • Designing an archiving model

  • Leveraging SQL features such as portioning and compression

  • Building a tenancy model

  • Using Azure design patterns for scaling

About this specialization

Can your applications handle the load? In this one-hour class, you can learn about techniques to scale your SQL Server application as both your data volume and userbase grow. Instructor Joey D'Antoni introduces techniques you can use when designing a new application as well as techniques to fix an existing application—balancing security and performance concerns. Learn how to leverage built-in SQL Server features such as column-store indexing, read-only routing, and portioning, and design a tenancy model that meets the demands of your application. Plus, find out how to use a caching tier and integrate Microsoft Azure for cloud-based storage that automatically scales as your needs grow.