[CodeWithMosh]Python Programming for Developers

What you will learn

Python Fundamentals

Data Structures

Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Writing Reusable Code

Error Handling


Web Scraping

Consuming APIs

Automated Testing with Selenium

Consuming 3rd-party Packages

Publishing Python Packages

Working with Files and Directories

Working with CSV and JSON Files

Working with Excel Spreadsheets

Working with PDFs

Working with ZIP Files

Sending Emails and Text Messages

Introduction to Building Web Apps

About this specialization

Tired of being treated like a beginner when it comes to learning Python? Learn Python in 10 hours

Fast-track course to learn Python

Finally, a Python course that doesn’t insult your intelligence and assume you know nothing.

Let’s face it, you know what a variable and function are - you don’t need me to tell you! That’s why this course is designed to be different. It’s a specialist crash course for developers that gets you up-to-speed in no time.

Why Learn Python?

Boost your existing skills - growing demand for Python developers

It's versatile - Mathematicians, scientists and engineers use it for various applications

Easier to master than languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, etc.

Universities teach it – both in computer science and other courses

Big companies use it – Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Reddit, Spotify, Quora, etc.

Runs cross-platform – Python apps work on Windows, Mac, Linux

What can you do with Python?

Scripting – easily automate repetitive tasks e.g. web crawling, sending emails…

App backends – use Python frameworks to build app backends fast with less code

AI & machine learning – number 1 language in this field – big library & data collection

Data analysis & visualization – perfect for today’s big data world

Computation & calculation – simple syntax & many powerful libraries – scientists, engineers, mathematicians can focus on creating algorithms, formulae, etc.

Desktop apps – Dropbox desktop app is written in Python! Need I say more?!

Education – Python is popular globally in schools, colleges, universities. It’s so simple that young kids can pick it up, but so powerful PHD students use it.

Earn $116k per year on average with Python skills

(source: https://www.daxx.com/article/python-developer-salary-usa)

There’s a shortage of Python developers and that means high salaries.

Python is used in most AI & Machine Learning operations. The vast majority of data scientists and analysts swear by it. It’s also gaining popularity with app developers, so there are literally thousands of job posts, and not enough skilled people to fill them.

Premium Course that Leads You to Python Perfection

No-nonsense Python – Some other courses blind you with complexity. I believe simple & pretty code is best and that’s what you learn in this course.

Code apps super-fast – Get hands-on right away. Python lets you build apps faster & with fewer lines of code than other languages.

Get your geek-on! – Get Python pro tips and tricks. Learn about all the modern Python tools that professional developers are using.

Create command-line utilities – Python is perfect for command-line interfaces. Simple, useful and powerful. No wonder it’s so popular.

Make scripts to save time & effort – Sick of repetitive, boring tasks? No problem. Learn how to use Python to automate all that.

Module 1:
Main Course
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