[Lynda]Python NAPALM Network Automation

What you will learn

Connecting to a switch using NAPALM Using JSON with NAPALM Using NAPALM to retrieve BGP neighbors Connecting to multiple BGP routers Automating large BGP networks Configuring ACLs using NAPALM Auditing your device configurations

About this specialization

Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support (NAPALM) is a Python library that you can use to automate and interact with network devices and OSs using a unified API. As this library provides an abstraction layer, it makes it easier to configure multiple vendor devices. In this course, learn how to automate the configuration of network devices using NAPALM. Instructor David Bombal provides an overview of NAPALM, explaining how to use it for the switch and BGP automation, as well as how to perform a device configuration audit.