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What you will learn

Hi, this is Troy Hunt, and welcome to this Pluralsight Play-by-Play with Aaron Powell and myself. A play-by-play is where we sit down together and demonstrate how technology works, showing you the use cases and taking you through the mechanics. In Azure Beyond Websites, we talk about how Azure integrates with your development environment, in particular, with Visual Studio. We delve into storage constructs and talk about table storage, queue storage, storage beyond just the traditional relational databases. We delve into WebJobs, and how you can get them for free when you're already running the website App Service within the Azure environment, and then we move onto Functions, which is a really exciting new product within Azure. You may have heard Functions referred to as a serverless architecture in the past, and in this course, Aaron and I talk about what that means, and we show you how to use these from beginning to end, along with all the other technologies I just mentioned, which includes provisioning services, writing the code, and then deploying it up into Microsoft's Cloud. I hope you enjoy this play-by-play with Aaron and I on Azure Beyond Websites.

About this specialization

Play by play is a series in which top technologists work through a problem in real time, unrehearsed and unscripted. In this course, Troy Hunt and Aaron Powell explore Azure's hidden features that make it so much more than just servers in the cloud. Watch as Troy and Aaron setup storage, create useful tasks with Webjobs, and demonstrate going "serverless" with Azure Functions. By the end of this course, you'll be able to utilize these powerful features when deploying your next site with Azure.