[Lynda]Piano Lessons: Teach Yourself to Play

What you will learn

Practicing proper hand technique Practicing proper seating position Practicing the right-hand C and left-hand C positions Melodic intervals Harmonic intervals B for the left and right hand A for the left hand Using the damper pedal Moving up and down the keyboard in 6ths Measuring half steps and whole steps Progressions and triplets

About this specialization

With a basic understanding of the piano playing fundamentals, you can unlock hours of enjoyment for yourself and your listeners—and it's never too late to get started. In this beginner's course, discover how to confidently approach those 88 keys so you can start playing your favorite songs. Learn proper techniques for sitting at the piano, hand position, reading notes and rhythms, and playing chords. Learn about melodic and harmonic intervals, syncopated notes, triads, progressions, triplets, and more.