[Lynda]Photoshop CC 2019 New Features

What you will learn

  • Embedding displacement maps directly inside in a Smart Object

  • Professional-level control over Content-Aware Fill

  • Undoing and redoing multiple operations

  • Proportional scaling

  • Calculating size adjustments

  • Restoring a reference point during a transform

  • Using the HSB colour wheel

  • Hovering to preview blend modes

  • Painting symmetrically

  • Flipping a view temporarily

  • Making custom shortcuts for a workspace

  • Using the Frame tool

About this specialization


Photoshop CC 2019 brings new and revamped features—allowing you to replace old habits with fluid, new digital editing skills. Discover how to undo and redo multiple operations without harming History, use the improved scaling feature which is now proportional by default, and take advantage of the added capability of Photoshop performing basic math, as in Illustrator. Explore the new Content-Aware Fill settings: Color Adaptation, Rotation Adaptation, Scale, and Mirror. Watch how to use the new in-panel HSB colour wheel. See how hovering over a blend mode in the Layers panel provides an on-the-fly preview. Find out how to paint multiple equal brushstrokes at a time using Paint Symmetry enhancements. Expert Deke McClelland demonstrates all these features and more.