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What you will learn

Together we will build "Now That's Delicious!", a full stack restaurant application which users can search, geolocate, review and curate their favourite restaurants from around the world.

The application has three main models — Users, Stores and Reviews — all of which are relational. It is designed to hit upon many of today's application needs such as user authentication, database storage, Ajax REST API, file upload and image resizing.

Check out the live application here or see a comprehensive listing of all topics covered below.

About this specialization

A premium training course to learn to build apps with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and friends.

Learn to build applications and APIs with Node.js

Node.js, Express, MongoDB and friends are some of the most in-demand web development skills. This course is the cumulation of everything I've learned building dozens of Node.js applications over the past five years.

With a focus on modern JavaScript and real world application, Learn Node is an efficient way to add server side JavaScript to your skill-set and start building the applications you have been dreaming about.

Join me as I show you how to build full stack applications and APIs from start to finish with some of today's top JavaScript technology.

You'll learn with the latest and greatest updates to JavaScript.

ES2017 Async + Await allows us to craft easy to read, logical flows without relying on external flow control libraries, chaining multiple promises, or writing spaghetti code by nesting callbacks.

ES6 features are heavily used throughout the course — from destructuring to arrow functions you'll get to see how to implement these new features in real world scenarios.

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