[Lynda]Learning Kubernetes

What you will learn

What is containerization? Kubernetes features Clusters, nodes, and pods Deployments, jobs, and services Getting an application up and running Working with labels Handling application upgrades Dealing with configuration data Running jobs Production deployments Monitoring and logging Security in Kubernetes

About this specialization

Kubernetes is a core tool in DevOps and is the world's most popular open-source container orchestration engine. It offers the ability to schedule and manage containers (Docker or otherwise) at scale. This course introduces developers, DevOps engineers, and IT pros to Kubernetes, and offers a high-level discussion of orchestration and distributed systems. First, learn how to get a Kubernetes environment up and running on Mac or Windows using Minikube, and understand the components for Kubernetes. Next, deploy a sample Kubernetes application, and manage it using the Kubernetes dashboard. Instructor Karthik Gaekwad also shows how to deploy a more complicated application with a database and APIs. Then learn how to run jobs and cron jobs. Finally, explore more advanced topics on Kubernetes, including production deployments, namespaces, monitoring and logging, and authentication and authorization.

Module 8:
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