[Lynda]Learning Cloud Computing: The Cloud and DevOps

What you will learn

DevOps on the cloud Continuous delivery, testing, integration, and deployment Creating your own DevOps processes Defining logical and physical processes Selecting cloud services: AWS, Google, Microsoft, and others DevOps use cases

About this specialization

Move DevOps to the cloud and become more agile at software development and operations. This course explains how to set up a cloud-based DevOps process and leverage services offered by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Cloud computing expert David Linthicum first introduces the business case for DevOps in the cloud, which can ensure scalable and continuous delivery, testing, integration, and deployment for organizations of any size. He then explains how to establish a DevOps process on the cloud, and reviews DevOps solutions offered in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Plus, review some use cases that demo real-world implementations of DevOps services on the cloud.