[Udemy_]Learn Redis And Utilize Jedis With Spring Data Redis

What you will learn

  • Learn when to use SQL VS No-SQL

  • Learn Redis Ins

  • tallation, main data types, execute commands, transactions, backup(RDB,AOF) ,and sub/pub.

  • Build your own Spring backend application with Jedis client, and Spring data redis.

  • Learn Redis Sentinel and Cluster

  • Understand Redis Template , Redis Serializers ,and Jedis Pooling.

About this specialization

A guide to learning Redis, and build Spring application with Jedis and Spring Data Redis


  • Be passionate and willing to learn Redis.
  • Knows Java and basic familiarity with Spring if you are interested in building Spring backend application with Jedis client.



                                                        Learn Redis And Utilize Jedis With Spring Data Redis

In this course, I’ll equip you with the right knowledge you need to distinguish between SQL and No-SQL databases and when to use each of them.

Also, I’ll walk you through Redis installation on different operating systems.  How to use different Redis data types and commands with plenty of examples.

 I'll introduce you to an excellent java client library to utilize with Redis, which called jedis. I'll explain Jedis. Jedis Pooling and Configurations. 

I'll walk you through Redis persistent(RDB, AOF, Hybrid Approach), Redis Sentinel,and Redis Cluster.

 I'll talk about Spring Data Redis with  focus on serializers, and redis template.

Towards the end of this course, I’ll show you how to build spring boot back-end APIs that uses Redis, Jedis, and Spring data.

 All slide,codes,Postman-collections included.

 Enjoy the ride and be well.


Who this course is for:

  • Java Developers, Data Professionals.