[Packtpub]Jenkins 2 Introduction for Beginners on Windows [Video]

What you will learn

Install Jenkins CI server on Windows Install and configure several tools commonly used with Jenkins Understand the basics of continuous inspection, continuous integration, and continuous deployment Use Jenkins effectively to build, test, analyze and deploy Java projects Apply the techniques and experience to implement Jenkins and/or a continuous integration system

About this specialization

This is a beginner's course designed to show how to set up and runs a Jenkins CI server starting with continuous inspection (build, test and analysis) for users of Windows-based systems. This course provides a strong foundation for implementing continuous inspection and integration at your company or studio. In order to keep the course short and to-the-point, several decisions were made in order to provide a complete path to continuous integration. The pipeline created in this course consists of Jenkins CI server installed and configured on Windows, Git as the source control system, Java as the main programming language of build projects and also Maven as the build tool. This set of tools provides a comprehensive, end-to-end implementation continuous integration pipeline. Jenkins can be installed on many operating systems and supports a myriad of tools and technologies -- which means, this course provides tremendous value to those comfortable or interested in other operating systems and/or technologies. Style and Approach Presentations provide audio/video training of conceptual ideas in each major area or introduction of new concepts. Screencasts provide a video of the instructor's computer system with any actions, commands, or screens displayed and narrated. There are several hours of screencast video content -- it makes up the vast majority of the course. Any command line based screencast will include a command listing in the lecture downloads.

Module 10:
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