[Linux academy]Docker – Deep Dive

About this specialization

Are you new to Docker or need a refresher on the current version? If so, then this course is for you!

This course will cover Docker 18.09.4, and you will learn:

The basics of how Docker worksHow to install the Docker Community EditionHow to manage images, containers, networks, and volumesBuild images using a DockerfileTag images and push them to Docker HubUse Docker Compose to deploy Microservices to DockerRun Docker in Swarm Mode for a more production-ready environmentUse Secrets to protect sensitive data like passwords

This course has a number of hands-on labs that will put your Docker knowledge to the test!

Interactive Diagram: https://interactive.linuxacademy.com/diagrams/DockerDeepDive.html

Module 2:
Setting Up Your Environment
Module 14:
Final Steps
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