[Lynda]Beginning Acoustic Guitar Music Lessons

What you will learn

Styles of acoustic guitar masters Getting to know your tools Tuning Strumming Reading music Playing chords Flatpicking and fingerpicking Music theory Switching chords Understanding musical expression, phrasing, and dynamics

About this specialization

Learn how to play guitar at your own pace. These easy-to-follow videos feature examples in TAB and standard music notation and hands-on instruction by guitar virtuoso Jared Meeker. You'll learn how to hold the instrument, play with a pick, count time, read music, and play simple chords. After mastering these basics, you'll be introduced to fingerpicking, barre chords, improvisation, music theory, and a variety of styles, including blues, rock, country, and folk. Beginning Acoustic Guitar is a must-have for anyone serious about starting to learn acoustic guitar.

Module 1:
Module 9:
8. Expression, Phrasing, and Dynamics
Module 10:
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