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What you will learn

Absolute beginners to "I can get some stuff done but don't feel totally comfortable".

This course is 100% beginner friendly. No JavaScript experience required. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is assumed.

If you feel like you have some holes in your skill set, could use a refresher or just want to pick up some new tips+tricks, I'd recommend still taking this course.

The course is designed to be skip-able. Meaning that if you get the gist of the video, skip it! Onto the next one. We aren't building a large application in this one so there is no problem jumping around or ahead.

All the code for the course is open source and posted on Github

About this specialization

A fun, exercise heavy approach to learning Modern JavaScript from scratch. This is a course for absolute beginners or anyone looking to brush up on their fundamentals. Start here if you are new to JS or programming in general!

A rock solid understanding of JavaScript is essential for success, no matter which framework you use. This course will give you that.

JavaScript is hard to learn. Frustration, abandonment and rage quits all stem from trying to use something when we don't understand how things work.

Being able to make your ideas is a super power. Invest in a solid base and you'll slam dunk anything that comes your way.

Module 1:
Main Course
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