[Pluralsight]AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: High Availability and Elasticity

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Hey this is Mike Pfeiffer and welcome to this course on high availability and elasticity on AWS. This is the final course in a four course series that covers all the domain objectives for the AWS certified DevOps engineer professional exam. One of the biggest benefits to the AWS cloud platform is the ability to elastically scale your applications based on demand. And in addition to elasticity, the AWS cloud platform gives you the ability to build highly available application architectures that are resilient to failures and outages. In this course, we'll start off by looking at architecting applications for high availability and scalability. We'll explore the concepts of eliminating single points of failure, building boostly coupled architectures with disposable resources and understanding the principles of elasticity and scalability. Next we'll move onto working with auto scaling, so we'll see how it implement elastic low bouncers, how to set up auto scaling groups with launch configurations and we'll see how scale computer resources dynamically or on a schedule. Then we'll move on and talk about implementing scalable and highly available databases. So we'll set up multi easy deployments with the Amazon relational database service. And we'll see how to scale vertically and horizontally with RDS service. And we'll also take a look at using the Amazon DynamoDB service which is another news database service available from AWS. At the end of the this course, we'll go through an end to end example of building highly available and elastic architecture with a web application and database here, running across two availability zones. Now before beginning this course you should have familiarity with AWS operations or development. And if you're studying for the DevOps exam you should have already watched the first three courses in this series which cover a continuous delivery nomination, monitoring metrics and logging and security governs and validation. But whether you're planning on taking the DevOps exam or not, I hope you'll join me in this course that will give you practical skills for implementing high availability and elasticity on AWS.

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This is the final course in the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification series. This is the final course in the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification series. This course covers the high availability and elasticity objectives for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam. You'll learn the best practices and patterns for building highly available architectures and implementing auto scaling groups.

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