[Lynda]ArcGIS Pro Essential Training

What you will learn

Creating a new map project Adding data sources to the project Managing data layers on the map Saving a project template Drawing new map features Querying and extracting features Creating geoprocessing models and packages Modifying the look and feel of the map through symbology options Adding map labels Working with 3D scenes Developing a map layout Sharing the map and data

About this specialization

Get data-mapping and geoprocessing power in a new, more intuitive work environment with ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pro Essential Training shows how to use the new ribbon-based interface and editing environment in ArcGIS to accomplish common 2D and 3D mapping tasks. Learn to create project-centered files that gather local and online resources and geodatabases together into a single location—making management and creation of your maps that much easier. Create multiple 2D map views and 3D scenes in a single project and save project templates to reuse your layouts. Instructor Adam Wilbert also covers manipulating data using the included ArcGIS geoprocessing tools, adding styles and symbols, and sharing the final maps via ArcGIS Online or as standalone packages.

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Module 11:
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