[Lynda]Amazon Web Services: Deploying and Provisioning

What you will learn

This course is also part of a series designed to help you prepare for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification exam. Topics include: Understanding AWS EC2 Creating an EC2 instance Provisioning with CloudFormation Architecting apps for horizontal scaling Creating an Elastic Beanstalk environment and app Using OpsWorks Deploying apps with CodeDeploy Skill Level Intermediate 3h 18m Duration 122,239 Views

About this specialization

AWS is an exciting proposition for DevOps. Yes, it's amazing to be able to build a virtual data center with ease, but that is just the beginning: wait until you start using AWS to deploy software. Watch this course to learn how to use AWS tools to provision hosts and deploy apps that take advantage of its elastic, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure. IT architect and instructor Brandon Rich shows how to start up new computing resources with EC2, provision them, and deploy applications in a fast, automated, and consistent way. Discover how to manage infrastructure as code with CloudFormation, rapidly build an app stack with Elastic Beanstalk, perform provisioning and deployment with OpsWorks, and automate code pushes with CodeDeploy. These lessons help you do more with AWS than you might have ever thought possible on the cloud.

Module 8:
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