[Lynda]Advanced Cinematic Video Lighting

What you will learn

Lighting large spaces Creating mood with lighting and color Lighting products within a scene Lighting outside environments Shooting actor close-ups Lighting with professional and natural lights

About this specialization

Once you have a firm grasp of lighting for different types of video production scenarios, it's time to start concentrating on creating the appropriate mood and atmosphere. While the location and production design play key roles in setting the cinematic mood, lighting—more than almost any other factor—can really create the ambiance called for in the script. In this project-based course, producer, DP, and educator Jem Schofield of theC47 guides you through three different production scenarios: a narrative scene, a commercial project, and a corporate project. As in his original course, Cinematic Video Lighting, Jem doesn't just talk at you about lighting concepts, he appears on set with a crew, taking you through each project scenario and breaking down the creative decisions that helped accomplish the look and feel of each production. He goes into the equipment, space, and of course, the lighting setups for each project.