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What you will learn

Hi there, my name is Creative Jake Weien and welcome to my course, Adobe Photoshop Fix Fundamentals. I've been an artist and graphic designer in the corporate and government world as well as a freelancer with over 23 years of design and technology experience. I am very excited to share the powerful tools of the free mobile app Adobe Photoshop Fix that can allow almost anyone with an iPad, iPhone, or Android device the ability to make professional, photo-retouching edits that my clients have been paying me to make with Photoshop for a long time now. If you are also a Photoshop veteran, you can quickly make edits from your device and then send the working file directly to your Photoshop CC on computer, speeding up your workflow. If you are just learning, Fix can jump-start your knowledge by understanding how Photoshop tools work such as the healing brush, the clone stamp, or liquefy tools. Having the ability to quickly apply paint, de-focus, smoothing, and saturation edits with the swipe of a finger in minutes makes life easier for all of us. Since this is a new Adobe product but a direct descendant from a professional standard, this course is ideal for anyone interested in making use of the ease and power that a free mobile app can offer while potentially speeding up your Photoshop or even Lightroom workflow before even logging into your computer. I hope you join me at Pluralsight with this short yet informative course that covers all of the fundamentals of the fun and powerful Adobe Photoshop Fix mobile app.

About this specialization

Have you ever wanted to quickly fix or retouch a picture you just shot without having to open up your laptop with Adobe Photoshop? If so, then this course is for you. In this course, Adobe Photoshop Fix Fundamentals, you'll experience the pocket-sized Photoshop power that only Adobe can provide on a mobile device. First, you'll see the detailed and precise edits you can make immediately on any sized image on your mobile device. Next, you'll use professional style editing tools to make retouching fixes like only Adobe Photoshop can. Finally, you'll discover how you can send true layered Photoshop files from Adobe Photoshop Fix directly to your desktop to refine more or to immediately use in your professional project, or send that perfected image out to the world via social media from your device. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of the fundamentals for Adobe Photoshop Fix. Software required: Adobe Photoshop Fix.